Company Governance

LIN Media is committed to exercising the highest standards of ethical conduct. The Company is guided by its sound corporate governance policies and its commitment to reporting results with accuracy and transparency while maintaining full compliance with the laws, rules and regulations that govern LIN Media.

LIN Media’s Board of Directors and Management Team have proven success in overseeing complex transactions and have the outstanding ability to grow and increase the efficiency of the Company’s core business, while at the same time innovating and strategically planning for LIN Media’s future.

LIN Media Management Team

Vincent L. Sadusky
President & Chief Executive Officer

Richard J. Schmaeling
SVP Chief Financial Officer

Denise M. Parent
SVP Chief Legal Officer

Robb S. Richter
SVP Digital

John A. Howell IV
VP Television

Brett E. Jenkins
VP Chief Technology Officer

Rebecca F. Duke
VP Distribution

Kimberly S. Davis
VP Human Resources

LIN Media Board of Directors

Douglas W. McCormick
Venture Partner, Rho Ventures
Chairman of the Board, LIN Media

William S. Banowsky, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer, Carolina Cinemas and Magnolia Pictures Company

Peter S. Brodsky
Founder & Partner, HBC Investments

Royal W. Carson, III
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman, Carson Private Capital

Dr. William H. Cunningham
Professor, University of Texas at Austin

Michael A. Pausic
Partner, Foxhaven Asset Management, LP

John R. Muse

Chairman, Kainos Capital, LLC

Vincent L. Sadusky
President & CEO, LIN Media















Board Committees

Below is a summary of LIN Media’s board committees and their related membership.

Board Committees chart

About LIN Media LLC Guidelines

It is the responsibility of LIN Media’s Board of Directors to direct the affairs of the Company and to lead the Company’s Management Team in an effective manner to produce shareholder value.

The Board has adopted these Company Governance Guidelines, Committee Charters and Codes of Business Conduct and Ethics as a framework within which the Board and management fulfill their respective responsibilities.

Audit Committee Charter (.pdf)
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (.pdf)
Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers (.pdf)
Company Governance Guidelines (.pdf)
Compensation Committee Charter (.pdf)
Nominating & Governance Committee Charter (.pdf)